Sunday, May 19, 2024

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The goal must be freedom!

  Lets face it, the world as we know it has grown into an interconnected family of people that (for the most part) just wish to be free from slavery and wish to grow and enjoy life with their spouse and children while maintaining physical/ mental health.
The reality for the world is that even though (I would guess that 90% or better) most of the world desires this freedom and happiness, we will never see the fulfillment of this idea if we all do not come together and restructure how the world is governed.  Do we need masters to allow or prohibit us our wants and desires associated with this life? I am speaking of basic human freedom to have technology such as electricity as well as natural food or clean, chemical free water (of which the technology exists to be free of charge and abundant to all mankind). This is just a basic tip of the iceberg in a manner of speaking. But the possibilities to free humanity are so huge in the era in which we live.
The only reasons we all do not have this is because most that have to ability to introduce this way of thinking are wealthy and powerful under the current system and they stand to loose much monetary wealth or power if they go against the grain (my hat is off to men like Edward Snowden). Also it takes revolution to bring about change such as this. This revolution must be fought by each of you. One can not do it alone. We must unite as a family to bring this change to reality and free humanity as it was meant to be.

Texas born American. Living in a country run by tyrants and working to repair this.

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