Snowden, the NSA and Government manipulation


For anyone that’s been watching all this stuff with congress and the house and Rand Paul about the NSA spying on American and collecting metadata through the patriot act. All the news outlets tell us that the new bill (USA Freedom Act )that just got signed into law by Obama ends this illegal practice. IT’S A LIE! They paused section 215 which allows direct collection but under section 702 of FISA the phone companies still collect it which can be retrieved by the NSA via executive order 12333. So don’t believe the Crap the government is trying to pass. They have no intention of doing the right thing.
Not to mention programs like prism, and trap wire among others. These were not even mentioned that I know of. Then there is the issue of destroying all the illegally collected data, I heard nothing of that happening either. How about the massive data collection complex in Utah that was built by then to contain this type of info and who knows what else? No mention of shutting it down. It’s a smoke and mirrors trick to make the people think they have nothing to worry about. Business as usual it seems folks. We have to get these crooks replaced by regular people like you and me. The only way it will change