Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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I have discovered……

I have discovered something. After working most of my life for companies and then on my own for the last few years I recently went back to the world of big companies and working under the clock, the boss and 60 hours a week to get less than adequate compensation. I thought the stress level would be less and I could just do the hours and bring home what I was making in profit with my own business but that is far from the case.
I have actually grown in a positive direction because this experience has made me realize that we are all too busy and preoccupied by the machine that is corporation to monitor the governing forces or even live for ourselves. We have criminals in the white house and congress that do not care what people request or need.
After a couple of months I couldn’t take it any longer and so I went in and quit. I had mixed reactions from people. The guy that hired me seemed upset and wouldn’t make eye contact with me stating that he was very busy. The regional guy was there and he was very professional and wished me well etc. The one that hired me seemed to try to explain to me why I didn’t want to quit and how I couldn’t make the money on my own etc. He obviously has never been free of relying on a company to survive and really looked around at the world and said WOW there has to be more than this slavery. I think people are conditioned to accept this form of slavery for most of their lives to keep them out of the way and generating money for corporations as well as the state. I have grown beyond the point of allowing others to decide for me. Some of us have to try and change things. What did Kennedy say? If not us then who? If not now then when? Its time folks……

Texas born American. Living in a country run by tyrants and working to repair this.

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