Monday, March 4, 2024

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Time for freedom

We live in a world where the information you get is manufactured by the ones that control us. They manufacture our medicines and poisons. They sell us pretty paper and tell us its money and whats its worth along with how much we have to pay in interest on it. The air, water and food are poisoned by them.
The Constitution is ignored and the soldiers march to fight on orders that they never investigate or question. They don’t know whether they fight for freedom and liberation or to satisfy the controllers game score. Citizens obey and times grow worse. The rat race has consumed the will to fight.
The men that use us as pawns in this game sit aboard planes, in castles, dressed in gold paid for by the sweat and blood of all those that think working for a living in the rat race is a good way to survive.
If WE ALL do not put aside our differences, if the soldiers, police and all people do not stand in unity against this criminal family and brotherhood then there is a very real chance that we may not survive. Forget voting, that system is rigged with media manipulation and computer programs. For the most part the entire planetary political process is manipulated to keep the ones that this family chooses in power positions, which keeps them pulling the strings and in ultimate control.
Read the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. Its time to stand up and use it. Ground ALL planes and arrest all air traffic so there is no way for these criminals to escape to other countries.
Its time to print our own money and dictate the value of it.
Its time for real freedom.
Its time we all knew the truth of 9/11, JFK and so many others that have manipulated reports and confidential files that hide the truth.
Its time for military and government employees to decide where your allegiance lies. Are you with the Constitution or the corporate government? Choose wisely people, the future does depend on it.




Texas born American. Living in a country run by tyrants and working to repair this.

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