Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Taking a break from social media?

I am currently on a break from social media and to be honest I have to say that it is a load of crap off my mind. In my life I see the big world issues and the need to help people with seeing and understanding that these issues are actually happening which most common, average, everyday people living in the rat race and going to their daily working jobs will not get. I admit that when that was my life I spent so many hours trying to feed my family that I had no energy or time to check into much of this stuff much less look up at the sky since I was indoors most of the day.  Social Media is loaded with folks trying to do the same thing and some are awesome investigators and journalists along with a shitload of shills and trolls that are a mixture of dumb ass brainwashed people and government paid controlled opposition. It can be nerve wracking but if its something you feel is a calling then you have to try to better the world, don’t you? Well hell yes you do! But anything can get toxic if you don’t take time now and then to detox from it and clean out. That’s what I am doing now and its working nicely. So take some time for yourself to be in the moment with your family and say the hell with everything for a bit. It will do you some personal good and strengthen you for your future work. Peace, love, honor and respect where its due.

Be good to each other folks!


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