Editors Page

Im Royce,

I created this site as a place to post what I see happening in our world today. Its not a typical news site because I will talk about relevant issues and things that are being done by the governing forces worldwide to suppress freedom and knowledge of truth. These are issues that the mainstream / local news will not cover. The news coverage in our age is nothing more than a tool for the  people that work to enslave and oppress us all. They are more of an anti information system than anything else and there are CIA projects from the past and present you can look up that confirm this fact. I see all this happening to the good people of this world and I look for ways to stop this and restore freedom to all people. This little website is the beginning of that effort. I hope you join me in revealing the evil and working to find ways to make the future safe and free for humans throughout all walks of life.

Thank You,

Royce Davis